FEX 2201 Tagged!

Another release with a lot changes this month!

  • We now support BMI2, RDTSCP, CLZero.
  • We tell the guest what ARM CPU name we are running on.
  • We expose the hybrid CPU flag flag on big.LITTLE ARM SoCs.
  • Bunches of syscall fixes, JIT compile time speed increases, usability improvements.
  • Tons more.
  • A new FEXRootFSFetcher tool for downloading prebuilt RootFS images.
  • A Python script for automatically setting up an Ubuntu PPA and RootFS.
    • See our quick start guide to see how here
    • Or see the Ubuntu PPA here
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FEX 2112 Tagged!

A lot of changed things this month.

  • New instructions & fixes (BZHI, MULX, RORX, SARX/SHLX/SHRX)
  • steamwebhelper now works
  • Linux emulation updated to 5.16, sched_getaffinity, MAP_32BIT, 32-bit DRM emulation improvements
  • Several other bug fixes and optimizations
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FEX 2111 Tagged!

BMI1 is now fully supported, several linux emulation fixes, thunk cleanups, initialization optimizations and several other assorted improvements.

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Hello world

FEX-Emu is a linux usermode x86 and x86-64 emulator for arm64. It aims to bring x86 and x86-64 games to arm64 devices.

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